Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cuisine Culture

My first semester photographing for Kent State's dining services marketing department has come to a successful end. My images will be used on social media, in freshmen welcome dining pamphlets and probably in some pretty dining hall pictures. Important lessons include checking the chef for gloves before lifting the camera (even if they're just plating for a picture- it looks bad if gloves aren't involved), learning how to avoid less-than-attractive eating faces, and knowing that chefs are much more comfortable being photographed behind a grill than in front of a backdrop. As always, learning the niches of cooking culture and food photography is a work in progress.

A food prep demo in Eastway Cafe.

Malaysian Chef Sam Abraham.

Kent State chef Claudia Peck.

Customers wait in line for food from Kent State's dining truck, "Fork in the Road."

Homemade pasta is rolled in Prentice Hall.

Eastway Market

Rosie's Diner

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