Sunday, November 15, 2015

Barnstorm XXVIII

The opportunity to attend the Eddie Adams Workshop in breathtaking upstate New York could not have come at a better time. A few months before my approaching December graduation, 99 fellow students and a bounty of professional faculty immersed ourselves in everything photojournalism in the Catskill Mountains during the 28th annual workshop. 

For me, the workshop was a reaffirmation of my individual knacks within the craft of photojournalism, and a reminder that they are totally unique (as they should be). The industry has come to cultivate a culture of competition, especially as traditional photojournalism jobs become less and less, and those that remain become more demanding than ever. With competition comes frequent comparison-- Comparing photos, networks, even our identities. At the end of the day you can't be something you are not, as a human and as a journalist. I'm coming to terms with my interests as a photographer and how those intersect with my skill set and personal life. I'm working diligently on the journey toward finding my vision and identity as a visual journalist, learning how that eventual discovery will affect my career goals. Legendary presenters, faculty and fellow students at Barnstorm reminded me that this is a fluid, never-ending process that I must be patient but persistent in moving through. While my best skills as a photographer are technical, hence my attraction to sports and social media, I hope to become more comfortable expressing my beliefs and passions in future endeavors.

Pictured above is the EAW XXVIII blue team after our shoot, sweat-soaked jerseys included. Back row, from left: Toni Sandys Mallon, Brad Smith, Al Bello, Robert Caplin. Front row, from left: Isaac Hale, Tim Tai, Matt Hecht, Michael Reaves, Michael Yanow, me, Brian Davidson, Steven Ryan, Dougal Brownlie, Anthony Geathers.

Below are a few of my images from our group photo shoot at the Monticello High School football game, alternating with personal images from our downtime taken on my Nikon FM film camera.


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