Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three down, Three to go

August was supposed to be my last month as an intern at the Dispatch. Although I now know I'll now be shooting for three or four more months, it's interesting to consider whether or not I would have been pleased with what I came away with, had I left after August as originally planned. I'll keep it simple by saying I'm thankful to have more time to work here
and a chance to fill in the gaps where I haven't yet succeeded. I'm partial to the pictures I shot in June, but every month has produced a different success to some extent. Working in a city for six months allows more time to revisit places, people or ideas a second or third time, until you get it right. Summer finished out with a lot of sports and some unique features, but now it's time to dive into the fall months which will mean Friday night lights, an abundance of pretty autumn features and busier daily work than I had in summer. Most importantly, it's time to figure out what exactly I need to accomplish before 2015 sneaks up one me as fast as September did. 

Terry Carr, whose self-run business is based in Westerville, scrapes paint from inside the ceiling of Dan Mesnard's porch on Glenmawr Avenue, as he prepares to re-paint it, Tuesday, July 29, 2014.
Auctioneer Todd Woodruff shouts and waves his arms wildly after Steve Rausch and Associates bid the high price of 80,000 dollars for the grand champion market steer at the Sale of Champions, Sunday, August 3, 2014, in the Celeste Center at the Ohio State Fair.
Brooke Egbert, 13, of Botkins, Ohio, sheds tears while resting her head on her reserve champion market steer, realizing that she is moments away from selling him to the highest bidder at the Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions, Sunday, August 3, 2014.
A group of bicyclists take off from the Pelotonia start at the McFerson Commons in Columbus, Saturday, August 9, 2014.
Matthew Sawchuk, 7, embraces his mother Jennifer, just after she finished the Pelotonia 100-mile ride for cancer awareness, Saturday, August 9, 2014, in Columbus. Jennifer rode for Matthew's brother, Nicholas Sawchuk, 13, who is a two-and-a-half year survivor of brain cancer. Nicholas and his twin brother Benjamin were present at the race as well.
Fans scramble to catch a ball thrown by Columbus Clippers' left fielder James Ramsey, Monday, August 11, 2014.
Zeke Winkelvoss, 7, of Upper Arlington, waits for a bite at the Whetstone Park pond in hopes of catching a catfish, Sunday, August 17, 2014. Zeke's mother described him as "obsessed" with fishing.
Jerry McTeague, 87, speaks about the FitzGerald versus Kasich governor's race in context of his experiences living in Perry County for his entire life, and how the candidates' decisions sometimes overlook smaller townships, Tuesday, August 19, 2014, at the town's popular meeting place, Corner News diner.
The view from the start car as drivers and horses approach the gate to start the seventh race of the night at Scioto Downs Racino, Friday, August 22, 2014. Dan Noble and "Sectionlinefriskie" won the race.
Columbus Crew forward Justin Meram (9) takes a knee to the back of the head after becoming tangled between Houston Dynamo opponents at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Saturday, August 23, 2014.
Columbus Crew forward Justin Meram (9) scores the first goal of the night against the Houston Dynamo at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Saturday, August 23, 2014.
Spectators watch from outside of Huntington Park as the Columbus Clippers take on the Indianapolis Indians in Columbus, Monday, August 25, 2014.
Clippers' Jesus Aguilar reacts after teammates dumped a Gatorade cooler over his head to celebrate his home run hit. which scored three runs to defeat the Indianapolis Indians, 10-9, in the tenth inning at Huntington Park in Columbus, Monday, August 25, 2014.

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